Theater auf Englisch

The Dark Lord and the White Witch 


In November we had some special guests at our school :  the White Horse Theatre.

There were 2 actresses and 2 actors from London and they spend 9 months in Germany visiting a lot of schools.

Unfortunately, we don`t have a stage, that`s why we all went to the gym. The performance started at 8.30 a.m.

We watched “The Dark Lord and the White Witch” in English!

It`s about a very good girl called Gala and she is the queen of the Daisy-Chain Festival. Gala must go on a long journey to Lord Morbus` castle – that is very dangerous, but she is clever and brave…

We all enjoyed the play and it wasn`t difficult to understand the English performance.

After that we talked to the actors about the play, about London , about their hobbies.

It was a nice day!                                         Class 6b